96-year-old woman saves the lives of four orphaned kittens

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  • 4.7.2018 05:50:59

We just can't resist kittens, especially when these fur balls desperately cry for our help.


Zeynep Duran, who lives in the Adıyaman province in Turkey, felt exactly the same when she discovered four tiny Anatolian kittens mewing in her front yard. 



Anatolian kittens Zeynep has rescued


Although Zeynep is 96-years old, she insisted that she will look after kittens until they are fully grown up and capable to survive on their own outside. 

"It was obvious that kittens were really hungry” – Zeynep told to the Anadolu Agency reporter.


Zeynep knew that she had to bottle-feed the kittens: "It was obvious that kittens were really hungry”


“I was told that their mother was killed in a car accident.  It has touched me deeply to see kittens in such a condition”. 




“As I held kittens in my arms, I made a decision to take them into my house – and I did. Then I told my son to buy a baby bottle and some milk to feed them”.



Bottle feeding kittens is not an easy task, but Zeynep wants to care for kittens until they are fully grown up





Zeynep says she became very attached to her rescued kittens:

“I love them as if they were my own children”






Author: Anadolu Kedisi


Photo credits: İsmail Kaya /Anadolu Ajansı




96 Yaşındaki Zeynep Nine, Anneleri Ölen Yavru Kedilere Sahip Çıktı


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